Evolution of Business Models in our Channel

From investment management to wealth management, basic investment guidance to specialty investment guidance (like ESG), commissions to fees, things are changing in our channel. Join Jacinda Norvell, Senior Managing Director at Truist Wealth, and Cheryl Sutter, a leading advisor at American National Bank of Texas, as we discuss where things are headed.

The Evolution of Investment Services to Wealth Management

What’s the difference between “Investment Services” and “Wealth Management”, and how do we transition from one to the other? That’s what we discuss in this episode of BISA TrendWatch.

Our panelists are Scott Ford from US Bancorp and Josh Hinsch from Ameriprise.

In addition to defining true Wealth Management, we discuss advisor tiering, a team-based approach, and attracting top talent.

We also discuss the strangest food we’ve ever eaten 🙂

Managing 2022’s Challenges

Our panelists for this episode include an executive who manages one of the more successful programs in our channel, and an industry veteran known for his work with the entirety of a financial institution to assure alignment of critical strategic initiatives across the framework of an organization.

Discussion topics include:

  • Client communications related to economic uncertainty.
  • The biggest challenges of this year.
  • Standardizing Service Level Agreements.
  • Strategic initiatives that are working.

We also discuss who the most famous person is our panelists ever met!

Women in the Lead

In this special episode honoring Women’s History Month we feature four successful women in our channel who have each made unique contributions to making our industry a better place to work for women aspiring to be financial service professionals. Our discussion focuses on what it takes to be a female leader in our channel, and what advice our guests have for women who may be just starting out in our industry.

Topics include:

  • Making our channel more attractive to women
  • Advice for women just starting out in our industry
  • Thoughts on effectively recruiting women
  • Gratifying “women’s power” moments

We also discuss things that the panelist’s work colleagues don’t know about them 🙂

Newest Trends in Life Settlements

What’s Driving Life Settlement Growth?

  • 85% of term policies and 88% of universal life policies will expire, lapse, or be surrendered before a death benefit is paid – a significant loss for the policyholders.
  • $200 billion worth of life insurance will be surrendered or lapsed annually through 2027.
  • 55% of client’s don’t know they can sell their life insurance.
  • The life settlement industry is growing on average 34% per year.

The demand for life settlements has seen a resurgence as seniors realize the benefits of reevaluating their life insurance strategy. Join us and a panel of subject matter experts as we examine current market trends in life settlements and how you can leverage this important financial tool.

Topics we will explore include:

  • How the marketplace is evolving, including new capital sources driving flexibility and higher payouts for your clients.
  • How firms are creating value for clients within the financial planning process while driving new sources of revenue.
  • Why more policyowners are open to selling their existing life insurance
  • How to identify life settlement opportunities in your client base and business growth plans.


Scott Stathis and Bob Mittel


  • Alan Buerger, Neal Jacobs, Peter Hershon, and Patrick Cahill of Coventry
  • Hugh Cameron of JBC Companies, and…
  • David Henry of Financial Independence Group

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Growth Beyond the Branches

The topic for this episode is “Growth Beyond the Branches” and we use BISA’s recent research report of the same name as a basis for the discussion. Our guests are Mike Miroballi of Huntington, and Brian Surovik of Ameriprise.

Topic covered include:

  • The evolving role of the branch
  • The future of the branch-based advisor
  • Branches as “community centers”
  • Countering less referrals with higher quality referrals
  • Leveraging the digital experience
  • The Remote Advisor profit center
  • Second Story growth

Oh boy, we also make Super Bowl predictions…

On the Road to Democratizing Investing

In this important episode we discuss what it really takes to create investing opportunities for all client segments – how to bring investing to the masses. We also discuss how quickly our industry is changing, where the puck is going, and what we must do to keep up.

Discussion topics include:

  • The threat posed by the app-based fintechs
  • How to bring investing to the masses
  • Eliminating friction in the investing process
  • Effectively serving the NextGen investors
  • Being there when the investor transitions from DIY to DIFM (Do It For Me)
  • Abandoning what got you to where you are today

We also introduce a new “disruptor” third-party broker dealer to our channel!


Scott Stathis and Bob Mittel

Our discussion guests are:

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Copper Financial

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Goodbye 2021 Hello 2022 – Lessons Learned

For this episode we’re joined by executives leading the charge in three third-party broker dealers that serve our channel: Chris Melton of Ameriprise, Jim Norwood of Securities America, and Dan O’Brien of LPL. We discuss leveraging lessons learned in 2021 to get off to a fast start in 2022. Topics include:

  • New measurements of success
  • Reinvention of branches
  • Fee-for-service
  • Providing choice – the RIA factor
  • Attracting the NextGens

We also talk about the best concerts we saw in 2021 🙂

Come join us!

Case Study: Bank Increases Revenues with Advisor Financial Planning Adoption

This episode is a case study on how to increase financial planning adoption and the resulting program productivity effects.

We will talk with two program executives, and trainer, and an advisor to learn about effective training strategies, success measurement, and business impact.


Scott Stathis and Bob Mittel

Discussion Guests (alphabetical order):

  • Ken Flaherty – SVP Chief Sales Strategy Officer at Frost Brokerage
  • Angela Holliday – President at Frost Brokerage
  • Marco Rodriguez – Wealth Advisor at Frost Brokerage
  • Jennifer Shields – National Training Director at Midwood Financial

Sponsoring Partner:

Midwood Financial

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Executing Effective Broker-Dealer Due Diligence

In this episode we talk with industry executives who have recently conducted broker dealer due diligence projects and tackled conversions. We discuss lessons learned and extract best practices.