Practice Acquisition Services

Stathis Partners has teamed with Mad River Associates, an established middle-market M&A firm, to provide the bank and credit union investment services channel a resource to effectively execute acquisitions of independent wealth management firms.

This acquisition strategy is being driven by the need to evolve investment services offerings in a fiduciary direction, as well as the critical need to tier wealth management offerings to attract and retain high-net-worth assets.

Our nine step acquisition execution services are as follows:

  1. In-depth discovery process to identify critical criteria for assessment of acquisition targets.
  2. Industry contacts, knowledge and a proprietary database are used to begin target company identification.
  3. An initial list of target companies and their high-level attributes is produced based on a preliminary screening.
  4. We then share this list of potential acquisition targets with the client, discuss each company, and further fine-tune the filtering process.
  5. After securing client approval, we begin a focused contact campaign with candidates to qualify their willingness to discuss possible acquisition.
  6. After exchanging nondisclosure agreements, we then further screen interested candidates and obtain critical decision-making criteria.
  7. A detailed analysis of each candidate’s attributes is produced and entered into our proprietary Acquisition Target Assessment & Scoring Grid. This includes a range of critical items such as cultural match, cash flow, revenue stream diversity, profitability, growth rates, recurring revenues, client retention and demographics, etc. to produce a score for each acquisition target.
  8. Those targets that score the highest are introduced to our client to begin the final phase of acquisition discussions.
  9. Once a client decides to pursue acquiring a business, we assist with valuation, negotiations of price and terms, drafting letters of intent, transition assistance, and closing.

In addition to Scott Stathis, project leads include

John Llodra
Managing Partner at Mad River Associates and Founding Principal at New Harbor Financial, a fee-based RIA firm.

Steven Bock
Harvard Law Graduate specializing in M&A, business model assessment, business development strategies, and financial restructuring.

Please call to discuss how we may be able to help you with your growth-by-acquisition objectives.