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Stathis Partners has partnered with Advisors Ahead and InternU to create the Talent Accelerators program, a channel-specific outsourced program for recruiting college grads interested in the financial services industry, training them on the basics of the industry, and easing them into your product or services organization via a try-before-you-buy option and a structured mentorship program.

This development program was created by our partners and industry veterans Craig Pfeiffer, who was Vice Chairman of Morgan Stanley Smith Barney before founding Advisors Ahead in 2012, and Clay Skurdal, who was SVP and Complex Manager at Morgan Stanley Smith Barney.

Here’s What You Need To Know

  1. We work directly with universities on a national basis to promote our industry to students.
  2. We screen interested students and recent graduates before presenting them to you for consideration.
  3. We manage the delivery of a curriculum of professional development content for the entry-level financial services professionals.
  4. You can choose to immediately employ screened candidates or try-before-you-buy by opting for our Assigned Employee model, where we employ and you observe the recruit for an initial period.
  5. We oversee the execution of a structured mentorship program.
  6. With our scale, expertise, and experience you can leverage all of this for less than what it would cost you to do it internally.

This is an established program currently being utilized in other channels in our industry.

You’ll experience greater competence of entry-level professionals, faster mean time to pay-back, greater retention, and a more diverse workforce (we recruit from a diverse pool).

Let’s set up a call to discuss structure and pricing.