FIIC Press Release

Stathis-Mittel and Industry Partners Announce Formation of Financial Institutions Insurance Council

New York – Sept 28, 2021 – Stathis – Mittel Business Intelligence, the American Bankers Association, and the North Carolina Bankers Association are excited to announce the formation of the Financial Institution Insurance Council (FIIC). The FIIC will bring together insurance industry executives who are passionate about the financial services industry becoming a leading channel for insurance solutions. 

“Financial institutions are trusted pillars of their communities, helping families to save and accomplish their financial goals like homeownership. I firmly believe that financial institutions have untapped potential to bring high quality, tailored insurance solutions to customers while driving innovation,” said Peter Gwaltney, president and CEO of the North Carolina Bankers Association. “The Financial Institution Insurance Council will help us deliver on that potential.”

Bob Mittel, Managing Partner, of Stathis – Mittel Business Intelligence agreed, noting: “Customers get an incredible value with low cost, high-quality financial services products that differentiate the United States from anywhere else around the world. What if we can leverage that expertise and be a catalyst for change in the insurance industry by bringing to customers the absolute best services, rates, and coverage which enable them to efficiently protect the assets they’ve grown over the years? The thought leaders who gather together and join the FIIC will drive that innovation, and customers everywhere will benefit.”

“We are delighted to join two well-known thought leaders in finance and insurance at the Financial Institution Insurance Council,” said Kevin McKechnie, executive director of ABA’s Office of Insurance Advocacy. “Scott Stathis and Bob Mittel have extensive experience advising banks on how best to help consumers with their insurance needs. We are honored to be part of this important initiative and we look forward to working with banks and insurers on all facets of consumer risk management.”

The Financial Institution Insurance Council will be comprised of thought leaders from within the financial services community with experience in delivering   innovative insurance solutions to customers. The FIIC will develop best practices and success strategies, while leveraging peer group knowledge to increase the use and availability of Life, Health, and Property & Casualty insurance products among financial institution clients. The FIIC plans to conduct virtual peer groups meetings, podcasts, live roundtable events, and an annual council gathering for all its constituents across the country. Financial institution leaders can go to for more information or to learn how they can join the FIIC.

Peter Gwaltney, Jennifer Hatten, Vice President, HSA Council, Kevin McKechnie, Bob Mittel, Scott Stathis, Managing Partner – Stathis-Mittel Business Intelligence and Sara Webb, President of Community Insurance Services (NCBA) will serve as the Advisory Board of the new venture.

For more information contact Bob Mittel or Scott Stathis