The Tech-Human Balancing Act

Episode Overview

In this episode, titled “The Tech-Human Balancing Act” we will discuss the relative role of technology in the development of client relationships and trust. We will also cover subjects such as exceeding client expectations, data mining to identify the “next best action”, enhancing the advisor’s value proposition, and the future of technology in our channel.


Scott Stathis and Bob Mittel

Discussion Guests:

  • Eugene Elias, Chief Operating Officer at Atria Wealth Solutions
  • Brian Bichler, Head of Technology Platform Experience, Managing Director at Atria Wealth Solutions
  • Ryan Tingey, Program Development Manager at CUSO Financial Services
  • Brandon Handy, Advisor Development Manager at CUSO Financial Services

Sponsoring Partner:

Atria Wealth Solutions

Music Credits:

Band: A Rusty Something (Nick Simpson)

Song: SSRI