Fixing Life Insurance Sales

In this episode, titled “Fixing Life Insurance Sales” we focus on achieving success in life insurance sales. The discussion topics include the recent and significant changes in life insurance distribution and purchasing trends, eliminating sales obstacles, client and distribution segmentation strategies, “Term Laddering” approaches, and effective mining of valuable life application data.


Scott Stathis and Bob Mittel

Discussion Guests:

The episode is a discussion with the following six executives who have each approached this challenge from different perspectives:

  • Jake Tamarkin, Founder & CEO of Everyday Life
  • John Richter, Chief Distribution Officer at Everyday Life
  • James T. Scanlon, Leader of Insurance Research, LIMRA
  • James Campone, Executive Director, Program Development, CUSO Financial/Sorrento Pacific
  • Dan Overbey, Divisional President of IFP Institutional Services
  • Ye Su, VP & Investment Program Manager of Partners Federal Credit Union (Disney)

Sponsoring Partner:

Everyday Life

Music Credits:

Band: A Rusty Something (Nick Simpson)

Song: Someone New